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washington of mayors. i wasn't going a phony. he didn't like the answer he shouldn't have asked the question. if people don't like the book they can write their own stupid book. the other one, i believe in at satire. i was the -- i loved the irish famine story of jonathan swift wrote about eating the baby. of course, no one wassed a vote caption eating baby. but he was trying to get a message across that he was very interested in bought fying our very cold concrete roads around here. and i put enough pressure on people that they finally did it. and one day i get a phone call that my beautiful desert -- which has been made out of stone was defaced. i said if we catch that punk, i'm going take his thumb and cut it off on television. well, everybody said how can the mayor say he's going cut off a thumb? these are punks. there's no pa artist. it's the gang bangers costing millions of dollars. i got people to pay attention to gray graffiti. finally they caught the kid. i wasn't going chop his thumb off on tv. i did want to put anymore a -- what do you call them? you put a person's head through it
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1